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Baby Gabrille

This is to my sweet little one who          went to Heaven on 05-02-2000.
I never held you or seen you smile but i loved you anyway.You will always be in mommies heart . You were my 4th baby you have a brother (chris) sister (Mamie) and another sister (Earon Irene). One day Mommy and Daddy can meet you in Heaven and walk with Jesus together. I don't know if you were a boy or a girl in my heart i feel you were my lttle girl and I name you Gabrille. You will never be alone or be sad .You where not able to stay here on earth with us but you wait in Heaven till we can meet again. God felt you where so special he took you straight to Heaven to live with him.
We love you so,
Mommy, Daddy, Chris, Mamie, Earon Irene, and now Regina
Due on earth
December 31,.2000

Went to be with God
May 02, 2000

I had already began to dream of what you might look like would you be a boy or a girl, would you have dark hair or blonde hair, brown eyes or blue.You weren't here with us long but long enough for us all to love you.
Your brother and sisters were really looking forward to having a new baby but i explained to them how precious you were and god wanted you to live in Heaven with him and that made them happy,they all want to meet you in heaven one day.