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About Me
Hi my name is Omer Christopher Caldwell. I go by Chris or Fiffer at home and
by Omer at School. I am 7 yrs. old and in the 2nd grade. I like spending time with
my family. I like to study about dinosaurs. My uncle Trav. can make dinosaurs
out of clay and they look real. There are some of the dinosaurs he made
displayed at my school. He is in high school now but when he was in grade
school he made them and they where sent to Morehead college and heated so
they would not fall apart and now they are to this day still displayed in my school.
I am the oldest and i have two sisters Mamie who is 5 and Earon Irene who is 2.
Earon likes to beat me up all the time and ride my back and pretend i am a horse.