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BBT Method
Things you will need: A basal body thermometer( and a spare on)glass or digital. A bbt chart or an online chart such as Fertility Friend You can use my chart as an ex.
Always take your temperature before getting out of bed each morning.
If you use a glass thermometer shake it down the night before.
Make sure to always take your temperature the same time each morning.
Keep your thermometer next to your bed.
Make sure to use the same thermometer each month if for some reason you change thermometers note it on your chart.
Keep a spare thermometer if the one you are using breaks or quits running.
Temperatures can be taken different ways orally, vaginally, or rectally but always do it the same way.( I prefer vaginally it seems to be more acurate for me).
Record your temperature as soon as you take it and write it down on a chart or online for ex.( FERTILITY FRIEND).
If you have to use a heating pad or electric blanket use it through the cycle.
Always remember to take your tempature before getting out of bed if you forget take it as soon as possible because your tempature will change.
If you have a fever.
If you drink alcohol the previous night.
Taking BBT with less than 3 hours of consecutive sleep.
If you take BBT at a different time.
If you use a new thermometer in the same cycle.
If you use a heating pad or electric blanket.
There are different types of cervical fluid.
There is non fertile fluid which is when your vagina appears dry or just slightly wet.It can be sticky, crumbly, rubbery or gummy.
There is the fertile period when it can be creamy, lotiony, milky.
Your most fertile period of your cycle is when you see something that resembles eggwhite it can be clear and stretchy, streaked and stretchy or clear but not stretchy.
To check the position of your cervix place 2 finger inside your vagina until you feel your cervix,it will be sticking down from the inside.Check to see if your cervix is any of list.
When your cervix is in non fertile stat it is long and hard easily reached and you can not feel and opening( women who have had children may always have a slight opening of the cervix).
When you are fertile you cervix will before shorter and softer and you will be able to feel an opening in the cervix.
When checking cervix always make sure your hands are clean and always check it in the same position such as sitting on the toilet or one leg up on the side of the bathtub.
Always record what your observe with the cervical fluid and cervical position as soon as possible.
Record any ovulation pain you feel in your cycle.
I will have more information as soon as possible on this and on how to figure out your coverline.