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Normal Spotting
Many women are confused about unusual bleeding during heir cycle. It is usually brownish because, unlike a normal menstrual flow, the blood is barely trickling out of the body.

Ovulatory Spotting

Some women have a couple days of light spotting around ovulation. This spotting is normal and is sign (most of the time) fertility. There usually is a sudden drop in estrogen just before ovulation, and tends to occur more in long cycles.
Here is a sample chart:

Implantation Spotting

If a women is trying to get pregnant and noticed spotting anytime from about a week after her thermal shift, she might want to take a pregnancy test because it maybe a sign of (implantation). When the egg burrows into the endometrial lining of the uterus, a little spotting may occur. She maybe able to confirm if she is pregnant by noting if her temps continue to remain high beyond 18 days dpo. This would indicate that the corpus luteum
was staying alive to support a pregnancy.

Here is a sample chart: