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Born to Soon My little Daughter
Mamie Elizabeth Caldwell
Nickname May
Born Dec. 22, 1994
8 weeks early
3 pound and 15 ounces
I so longed for a little girl and then they said thats
what you where. I just wanted to see you so bad
and then you came but early. You where so tiny
you fit just right in the palm of your daddy's
hand. It was 2 1/2 months before you could come
home and that was a wonderful time. Your Grandma
Brooks and your big brother Chris age 2 at the time
went to the hospital to pick you up. Chris was so
happy he had waited along time to get to see his
baby sister. We walked through the NICU doors
to get you and he started saying thats my baby
and it almost made me cry now your growing up
 and time is going by fast and i want you to know
how much we love you and how much we wanted

     Always remember the song i wrote for all three of you
If i could have a wish come true i don't know what
i'd say cause everything i'd ever want is here with
me today. Three beautiful little children for me to
love sent  from God with blessings of love
remember when you grow up in your heart i'll  
always be and if you ever need me i'll love you
tenderly. Your my little babies and i love you so
i will never ever let my little babies go.
    By Paula Caldwell
Mamie 5 years old
Mamie 7 yrs old
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